Management Team and some of our employees in six countries

Michael StockerDr. Michael Stocker
President and General Manager Swiss / Brazil

He is a Swiss entrepreneur with a Masters in Business Administration and a PhD from the University of San Gallen, Switzerland, on Impact Analysis for SME Development Programs. Additionally an MBA from the Community of European Management Schools at the University EVADE Barcelona, Spain.

Extensive trajectory with highly prestigious organizations such as: Boston Consulting Group, FUNDES, PROPEL, among others. On January 2004, Michael founded The Stocker Group S.A and today as president leads the operations of this company in Latin America and Europe.


Fulvio CiminoFulvio Cimino
Director  Chile

Kurt Stocker Kurt Stocker
Board Member

Kurt Stocker aus Moskau is a StockerGroup board member

Liliam OchoaLiliam Ochoa
General Manager Colombia

Jorge GutiérrezJorge Gutiérrez
General Manager Peru

Business administration from the University of Rosario in Colombia specialized in topics related to normalization, quality and international marketing and extensive experience as an international consultant.

Throughout her professional trajectory she has lead important projects for organizations such as: USAID, European Commission, Inter-American Bank of Development and the United Nations. She joined the team at Stocker Group Colombia as general manager.

More than 25 years of professional experience in the commercial area of tangible and intangible goods. He is an expert in financial administration and management of large projects in the area of sustainable development.

Jorge is also an expert in pensions and insurance, specialized in training and directing sales teams with the best results in commercial management.

Michael StockerDaniel Jäger
Project Manager

Beatrice BattagliaBeatrice Battaglia

He is an industrial engineer from the University of Dresden, Germany. This professional has specialized in business areas related to technology and telecommunications. His trajectory includes participation with Neumann & Müller GmbH – today one of the largest European companies specialized in event based services and systems. In the year 1999 he founded the company Engel und Jäger GbR dedicated to multimedia projects.

He is the company's general manager.

Beatrice Battaglia has extensive experience in the administration and management of projects in diverse companies from Switzerland, among them Swiss Re and Modissa. Currently, she is responsible for the administration of Stocker Group Schweiz AG.

Hichem MabroukiHichem Mabrouki

Carol ArriagadaPaulina Berwart

Hichem Mabrouki from Tunis holds a master in network security and Computer information’s Systems from the Institute Supérieur de l’informatique (ISI) Ecole Nationale des Sciences Informatiques (ENSI) in Tunisia. He is a highly competent and organized content management administrator with experience of the installation, administration and maintenance of Internet portals.

Journalist, with a degree in social communication, and more than eight years of professional experience in the development and deployment of international projects in social areas, knowledge management, organizational change, entrepreneurial development for SMEs and the use of ICT tools (Information and Communication Technologies).

She has professional experience in the Management of intercultural and interdisciplinary teams.

veronika_fischerVeronika Fischer

Alex Cross Alex Cross

Graduated from the University of Geneva and with a MBA degree from Loyola in Maryland, US.

Veronika has a long experience in the coordination and management of international projects and programmes, working directly with the partner organizations involved throughout the overall project cycle. She also provides her work experience in the development of training and consulting tools, and workshops with adults in areas as strategic planning, negotiation, communication, and conflict management.  

After a three year period of work for the Swiss Government, Veronika is back with Stocker Group, where she is currently working with strategic KM and learning projects, in the Arab region and South America.

Alex works in the social baseline projects for Stocker Group in Peru. Additionally, he is in charge of human and administrative resources, that are vital to the proper functioning of Stocker Group projects in several regions in Peru.

Alexander Cross comes from a renowned British family who has worked on the field of medical equipment for over 50 years overseeing key issues such as: The import and sale of medical equipment, national and international public tenders, government controls, customs, after-sales services and maintenance.

Gabriela MayallGabriela Mayall

Thomas Zaugg Thomas Zaugg

Brazilian, commercial assistant at Stocker Group in Brazil, she is a law student, has experience in administrative areas, worked for Internet publicity agencies participating in the entire process of the development of portals for large associations in Brazil.

He is a systems engineer, with an Executive Masters degree of business engineering management. His experience in the deployment of multiple Internet and e-business projects given him a deep knowledge of DOS, IRMX, MS Windows 3.x/95/98/NT/2000, OS/2, UNIX and Linux systems.

Thomas is a consultant at Stocker Group, period in which he has been in charge of living technical support and supervising the quality of the projects developed.

Team Luis Panta

Vicente Figueroa Tomy Bolaño

He has more than 8 years experience in the area of programming as a website developer and and has developed projects for companies in Peru, Panama, Spain and Switzerland.
He also work as a frontend developer. He has professional experience in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS3, Less, Bootstrap, Laravel, Zend Framework and Phonegap

University graduate in Computer Science from the University Central de Las Villas (Cuba) with a Gold degree (high academic index), has solid experience in various fields of Computer Science and in the management of teams. During his professional trajectory he has worked on multiple research and development projects. He is the IT and Development Manager at Stocker Group Chile.

Juan RiveraJuan Rivera
IT and Development Manager

Christian FoucherChristian Foucher
United States

He has more than 5 years experience in the area of programming as a computer engineer and has developed projects for companies in Panama, México, Argentina, Spain, Italy and of course Chile. He has worked as a programmer, analyst, designer and project manager. He has professional experience in PHP/MySQL. In the last years he has added to his knowledge the AJAX methodology with JScript, specializing in jQuery


Industrial sociologist graduated from the University of Santa Cruz in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. During his stay in Latin America he has participated as a consultant for important British and Australian companies. In Chile he has worked as a senior consultant for MAST Americas / Fundación Chile.

He is an international consultant at Stocker Group and has actively participated in various projects and Business proposals for the company in: Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

Vito PalligasVito Palligas
United States / Brazil

Christian FoucherCarmen Vila
Executive Secretary


Sociologist with an MBA - Masters in Business Administration from the University of Chile and Tulane University specialized in data mining and analytical CRM. He is a dual citizen of the United States and Brazil, and resident in Chile. He has worked with Stocker Group as an external consultant.

Executive Secretary with more than 20 years of experience in the secretarial area at Management level and equally be involved in the Administration of Human Resources and sales of tangible and services.

Since July of the 2011 she is part of the Stocker Group team Chile, in charge of the Administration.