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Knowledge Management

Some of our customers in the area of Knowledge Management

We count on an international customer base that has hired Stocker Group in the area of Knowledge Management for consulting services, training and/or the use of our software. Among them are:

International organizations and governments

United Nations (UNIDO), The World Bank (IFC), the Inter-American Bank of Development (BID), the American States Organization (OEA), Inter-American Institute of Cooperation for Agriculture (IICA), the Swiss Government (DEZA / SECO), the Government of Chile (Sercotec), the Government of Colombia (Incontec), the United States (USAID)


International Companies

Pacific Hydro, Grupo Nueva, Syngenta, Amanco, Precious Woods, Ecos Group and Carana Colombia.



AVINA Foundation, Educación Foundation, Swisscontact, FUNDES, Cinset.


Meet a sample of our important customers in the KM area, with each of whom we have applied all of our experience in a perfect combination between technology and consulting.

Government of Chile - SERCOTEC and Inter-American Bank of Development (IBD): MIPYME Community

The Technical Cooperation Service, SERCOTEC has as a mission to promote and support initiatives for improving the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises and strengthening the management abilities of its entrepreneurs. Toward the end of 2009 Stocker Group was awarded the tender to develop the MIPYME Community, a platform focused on becoming a Public Regional Resource co-financed by the Inter-American Bank of Development -IBD- Whose objective is to support the development of public policies for the sector.


  • Methodological support in all the phases of development of the system
  • Virtual repository and space for communities created to facilitate the work of the communities
  • System for controlling indicators
  • Platform in development

Educación Foundation: Intranet

The Educación Foundation is a Swiss organization that invests in education and professional formation of Latin Americans that come from families with limited resources to transform them into professionals. With the end of controlling the activities of its beneficiaries, Stocker Group is developing for them an intranet.

  • Users in 5 countries of Latin America
  • Management system for beneficiaries
  • Load and download of control and monitor reports
  • Indicator monitoring system
  • Platform in development

AsanetAMANCO – ASAnet: Integration of the commercial area for pipe systems throughout Latin America

AMANCO is a leading industrial company in Latin America in the production and marketing of piping systems, connections and plastic accessories for conducting fluids, mainly water, and others such as electricity and gas. It is focused towards farming markets (residential and commercial), infrastructure and agriculture..

AMANCO ASAnet is a Knowledge Management System specifically for Agricultural Solutions, responsible for providing solutions related with the management, use, exploitation and control of water in agriculture, livestock and aquaculture.

  • Users in 15 counties of Latin America
  • Knowledge Base accessible for each country and area of expertise
  • Project management system
  • Inventory control system

Latin American Network for Cleaner Production: ONUDI

This is a project of the United Nations for Industrial Development, UNIDO, which includes the development of a Web page with access to a Knowledge Management platform created for the Cleaner Production Centers of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Based on this platform a professional Network was built in which consultants and experts converge to contribute their know-how throughout the region by means of web access. It is a space for exchanging experiences and best practices of CP, which includes en electronic newsletter which can be administrated by web access.

  • 600 people trained in 15 countries.
  • The system creates use and management reports.


Norexport Program: IBD-INCONTEC

Norexport is a program of the Inter-American Bank of Development (IBD), part of the Multilateral Investment Fund MIF and the Columbian Institute of Technical Norms and Certification ICONTEC with the main objective of improving the competitiveness of SMEs in the Andean Community.

The project included the development of a general concept that involves a Knowledge Management platform, information and documentation base, focused on the promotion of Andean norms. A space was developed for voting on Andean norms, related with the most competitive sectors of Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela and Ecuador.

                         It can be managed entirely with a Content Management Tool.


Intranet Platform: CINSET

The Corporation for Socioeconomic and Technological Research of Colombia - CINSET was consolidated as a center for research, training and technical support to integrally promote MSMEs.

Stocker Group developed a Knowledge Management System designed for facilitating the exchange between Strategic Business Units in the Corporation. A network was established that gathered consultants / experts with customers / beneficiaries, based on projects related with the areas: environmental, social, economic and technological, for the promotion of the MSMEs. Knowledge resources organized with an efficient document management system that allows obtaining exact information, according to the need and profiles of the users.

Intranet Platform for the ECOS Group

Intranet created for the ECOS Group, an investment fund whose portfolio possesses four investment sectors whose focuses are Latin American small and medium enterprises with growth potential and active in the search for sustainable development.


It is a solution that facilitates project management, allowing the administration of the companies’. It has a space that facilitates the transparency of the fund toward the investors delivering detailed reports on the projects and their progress. It has users in six countries of Latin America.



Knowledge and Learning Base for AVINA Foundation

Solution created to strengthen exchange and a documentation space for the leaders of the AVINA Foundation, whose mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of Latin America favoring the creation of trustworthy bonds and fruitful alliances among social and entrepreneurial leaders. It was developed for more than 900 users. It’s a space of exchange of experiences and best practices in the Foundation’s priority areas. It creates reports to facilitate impact measurement.


Knowledge Management Project for Grupo Nueva

A project created for the members of Grupo Nueva, a holding specialized in the forest business that is known for the creation of sustainable value with triple result management.

It was oriented toward strengthening the company’s principles among its collaborators.

It is a system for document management and exchange spaces for the members of the organization.

1700 users in Latin America


CRS Consulting, Monitoring and Impact Analysis

Some of customer and projects in CSR consulting, evaluation and monitoring

Constitution Mining Corp – Social Base Line and Monitoring

Constitution Mining Corp is a mining company with experience in exploiting gold all around the world. For them, the team at Stocker Group applied its methodology, creating a custom measurement tool (survey), for gathering a Social Base Line. This intervention allowed obtaining the socioeconomic characterization of the region of influence to be intervened, and the map of stakeholders. Alter systematizing the data it was possible to create reports to establish a plan of communitarian contacts.

Currently we do the monitoring of this plan to continue the development according to the Peruvian legislation and progress toward a policy of sustainable development for the region.


Colombian Network Carananet: USAID

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is the independent federal organization responsible for planning and managing economic and humanitarian aide outside of the United States in the rest of the world.

Stocker Group developed a Knowledge Management and Monitoring system created for the IBD in the framework of Plan Colombia, to improve the competitiveness of the SMEs in that country. It was used by all the consultants belonging to the Colombian Program for Entrepreneurial Development, 300 consultants trained in five cities in Colombia. It has a database of consultants and toolkits with companies. It gives access to reports on the program and the use of the platform.

Sodis Foundation – Impact Analysis and Organizational Change

The Sodis Foundation is the organization in charge of promoting solutions for improving the access to safe water. It is present in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, among others. For them we applied our methodology using semi-structured surveys with the objective of understanding the impact of the Foundation’s solutions and methodologies on its beneficiaries, stakeholders and workers.

Based on this work its was possible to guide Sodis through the organizational change it needed to undertake, the timelines to consider and the activities to be developed, looking toward improving its indicators not only on a quantitative level, but also on image and perception.

Chamber of Commerce, Panama Industries and Agriculture (CCIAP)

The Evaluation of the Support Program of Electronic Commerce has centered on the analysis of all the components that are part of the program Support for the Development of Electronic Commerce for SMEs, developed by the IBD. The specific objectives of this evaluation were: present the progress of the execution of the program’s components in the beneficiary companies and based on available information, analyze the degree of fulfillment of its objectives and goals.

After elaborating this evaluation, the team at Stocker Group delivered recommendations and an action plan to give the initiative continuity.


IBD MIF – Case Studies

The general objective of this consulting project was to understand in depth the best practices and lessons learnt during the projects developed in the framework of the ICT 4 BUS. For this end five projects executed in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru were established as case studies; the local representatives of IBD-MIF and executing entities.

The initiative was done by elaborating surveys designed for measuring progress of the established indicators for these projects.


Amazon Gold Sands- Social Base Line

Amazon Gold Sands is a mining company that began its operations in the Peruvian Amazon jungle. They began a process of alluvial exploration and required the services of the team at Stocker Group, for raising a Social Base Line. As part of our methodology, we applied a survey and data was digitalized which allowed obtaining a socio-economic characterization of the regions of interest.


World Bank - APDFNet: Monitoring System for Consultants

This initiative was born with the objective of measuring the progress in the application of training and consulting programs, SMEs present in 6 countries in Africa.

For this project Stocker Group developed a platform in which it was possible to monitor established indicators to measure progress. This system lead to the understanding of progress status of the programs, best practices and lessons learnt, and replicating the most successful initiatives with the consultants participating in the system.

Business Round Tables e-MarketPlaces

Our customers in the area of business matchmaking

SECO / SIPPO – Mercatoo: e-marketplace

Mercatoo is a SECO (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs) and SIPPO (Swiss Import Program) initiative whose objective is to create a dynamic and open network of business communities to promote commerce among Small and Medium Enterprises in emerging markets.

It is a virtual platform to promote the use of commercial ICT tools in SMEs. It can be combined with Business Round Tables to foster the use of this type of channel of contacts. It includes training for the entrepreneurs. It was Developer by Stocker Group for SECO (Swiss Government).



SOCIAL LINKS, Chamber of Commerce of Santiago

During two straight years (2008 and 2009), the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago has developed its event Social Links, a multi-sector meeting that during a working day gathers purchasing executives of large companies with providers of products and services of their interest.

This event has been developed with the software Business Match Maker and has gathered representatives from 15 sectors of the Economy. During its two years of the development the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago has counted on the participation of around 200 companies in each one of it versions.

In the framework of the Program for Promoting Commerce Developer by SECO, Stocker Group participated in the development of business meetings with local partners in Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Nicaragua.


Local partner: Association of Manufacturing Exporters. Asexma

Years: 2007, 2008 and 2009

During three consecutive years ASEXMA applied the Stocker Group Methodology, achieving successful participation of important purchasing companies and SMEs interested in offering their products during this business instance.

A total of 99 purchasing companies and 479 suppliers participated in these events with a total of approximately 9532 matching.

Export Trade Nicaragua

Local partner: Center for Cleaner Production – Nicaragua

Years: 2007, 2008 and 2009

For the development of Exporta Trade Nicaragua, the local partner in this country held its gathering with the support of a multi-sector committee that allowed access to a number of important purchasing companies committed with the development of the country and official MSME companies.

In its three consecutive years the event gathered 47 large purchasing companies, 167 MSMEs and a total of 3060 meetings.

Ecuador Negocia

Local Partner: Investment and Export Corporation. CORPEI, Ecuador

Years: 2007 y 2009

Ecuador Negocia was developed in the framework of a partnership between Corpei and the Chamber of Small Industry of Pichincha, Capeipi; thanks to the presence of both organizations in Quito and Guayaquil, it was possible to extend the gathering in both cities in which it was possible to obtain the participation of a select group of companies.

The results of both events we: 43 purchasing companies, 185 MSMEs and a total of 2768 meeting.

Peru Negocia and Export Trade Peru

In the case of Peru two organizations participated in the SECO program. During the years 2005, 2006 and 2007 the local partner was the Export Association of Peru, ADEX and in 2008, a proposition was made to extend the program involving the provinces, with this end Peru Cámaras was invited to participate.

During its threes years of development Export Trade Peru gathered 89 purchasing companies, 311 MSMEs and a total of 6920 matches.

In the framework of the partnership with Peru Cámaras two versions of Peru Negocia were developed, one in Lima with the support of the Chamber of Commerce in this city and another session in Huancayo.

Both events that lasted one working day each gathered a total of 109 companies and more than a thousand matches.

Web Applications Technological Solutions

We have developed more than 200 web pages: for large, medium and small companies, NGO’s and celebrities. See some of our creations and consulting in the internet marketing area:

Amanco, Brazil

Grupo ECOS, Panama
PHP, Flash, MySQL

CREA Trust, Liechtenstein
PHP, Flash, MySQL

Euroventures, Brazil
PHP, MySQL, Flash

Norexport, Colombia

Empresa, Chile

Mexichem, Mexico

Crear Perú, Peru
Flash, HTML

Viva Trust

DWIH, Germany
Typo3, PHP, Google API

Avina, Panama
Lotus Notes

Energie Plus AG, Switzerland
PHP, MySQL, Google Maps

Mundo Sol, Chile

Mi Super Viaje, Chile
PHP, Flash, MySQL

South. Expl. Alliance, Chile
xHTML, CSS, JavaScript

Medcaribe, Chile

Proyecto BID OEA, Chile

Dr. Sander, Austria

PHP, MySQL, OSCommerce

Mayco, Chile


Grupo Barbillón, Chile
Google AdWords

GNA Asociados, Chile
Google AdWords

Servimalla, Chile
Google AdWords

Estudio, Chile
Google AdWords

Grupo Mela, Chile
Google AdWords

Elinmobiliario, Chile
Posicionamiento web

Allcanza, Chile
Posicionamiento web

Seguros Bice Vida, Chile
Posicionamiento web

Crediautos, Chile
Consultoria web